Ann’s Cottage – Luke Fox

As soon as we signed up with BFG it was like a sigh of relief to me because immediately I felt I had people to bounce ideas off.

The BFG eCommerce consultants come with amazing ideas and then have the team behind them to roll those ideas out. We’re not going to another agency or other people to make it happen. It is a completely different way of thinking. It just works. It works perfectly. 

Google ads has been a major channel for us but the CPA from our previous agency, regarded as one of the best in Europe, was going completely the wrong way, just up and up. Since BFG took over, CPA has come down by a third, conversion rate has gone up and revenue has gone up dramatically and that’s just one area that has been a huge, huge improvement. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BFG. From the top down, if you are a small, medium, or large business who want to develop digital marketing or grow further into different countries, BFG is the perfect company to work with. Built for Growth is the first company in 20 years of working in eCommerce that I honestly believe do offer the expertise and support you require to move your business forward.

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