We’ll help you make the most of your website

We create compelling, engaging and profitable user-centred design and an intuitive customer journey that will increase conversion.

The experts here at Built for Growth will take care of any website design requirements as well as creating digital and email marketing assets, banners, and promotional designs for whatever platforms suit your business needs best.

Our Platforms

Having partnered with clients from an array of industries,
we have a huge amount of experience working across
a multitude of eCommerce platforms.


Shopify Plus

irp commerce


What We Do

Your website is an invaluable tool as an ecommerce company and is critical for the achievement of your business objectives.

Here at Built For Growth Digital our objective is to help you make the most out of your website by creating compelling, engaging and profitable user-centric design, an intuitive customer journey that gives users a positive browsing experience along with increasing conversion.

Benefits to our eCommerce focused design service:

  • We have experience in a range of different client industries 
  • We have experience across a multitude of eCommerce platforms 
  • We can become an extension of your team and look after all of the design requirements of your website including digital marketing assets, email marketing, banner and promotional design.


We build eCommerce solutions using Shopify. Shopify is a complete eCommerce platform that lets you start, grow and manage a business.

Shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted, which means you can access it from any connected compatible device and we’ll handle software and server upgrades and maintenance for you. This gives you the flexibility to access and run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Benefits of Shopify

  • Secure and Reliable 
  • Mobile Ready 
  • Customisable 
  • Huge App Inventory
  • SEO and Marketing Tools built in 
  • Self Contained Payment Gateway

Thinking of your products, categories, pricing, shipping, security can all become a lot of stress. As a Shopify Partner BFG can take that stress away and manage the project from start to finish. With your product expertise and our eCommerce expertise, we can take your business to the next level. 

We have years of experience in building, supporting and running your Shopify webstore 

IRP Commerce

As a certified reseller of the IRP Commerce Platform, Built For Growth are working with the intelligent multi-channel ecommerce platform that’s powering some of the UK and Ireland’s most dynamic retail business.

International – Sell to the World

Are your online sales already flourishing in home markets? We’ll help you exploit global opportunities with your IRP ecommerce platform’s international currency, language and localisation features – helping you scale smoothly to embrace new sales territories.

Reaching Every Customer

It’s a dynamic, multi-channel world. We’ll help give your ecommerce site a consistently rich, engaging user experience on shoppers’ computers and mobile devices. We’ll maintain an equally satisfying experience for customers buying through Google, Bing Facebook and Affiliate programmes.

Intelligent Insights 

So how are you doing? SMART analytics leverages cutting edge AI techniques – offering deep actionable insights into real customer behaviours.

Faster, more Agile eCommerce Deployment 

We’ll build, integrate and host your website and ecommerce services on the award winning IRP platform.

Driving loyalty and retention 

Persuade customers to spend more, feel loved and stay local with the IRP automatic email marketing suite.

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