Valentine’s Day Sales

If you have thought about skipping Valentine’s Day, THINK AGAIN! It is now the biggest spending retail event in the first half of the year. So be sure not to miss out on this opportunity to ignite your sales.

Follow Our Top 4 Ways To Increase Your Valentine’s eCommerce Sales ….

Love To Plan
Review your data and performance leading up to Valentine’s Day 2019.

Did you roll out a Valentine’s Day Campaign or a Love Campaign, and how did it perform? Did you cater to all your customers?
Did you experience a spike in traffic and number of orders?
What were your best performing products by orders and revenue?
How were the orders split by demographic and device?
What were your top visited pages?
Did your customers leave purchasing until the last minute?
Were there specific products frequently bought together?
What were you best performing marketing channels?
The above will enable you to understand what worked well, what didn’t, and what you can improve on for your 2020 Campaign.

Love Promotion
It is always nice to offer a little something. There are many different types of promotions or offers you can run, here are a few ideas:

Create a Discount Code – promote this across your website and marketing channels. e.g. LOVE20 – receive 20% off selected products.
Lots of mobile traffic but not converting as well as desktop? Try promoting the discount code solely on your mobile website.
Create a sense of urgency – reduce selected products by 20% for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
Run a promotion, offer 20% off a selected Brand or Category.
Buy 3 for 2 – align with what customers typically bought together last year.
Add to Basket Promotion – based on the customer’s basket value, this is an opportunity to increase your average order value.
To find out more details on Promotions click here:

Love Gift Guide For ALL
Get creative when designing your Gift Guide Landing Page and think beyond the standard Gifts for Her / Gifts for Him.

You can provide additional options: Gifts for Couples, Personalised Gifts, Date Night In.

Key Stat: “59% of Valentine’s Day shoppers think retailers should offer more options to personalise gifts” [British Library, 2018]. If you do offer this, make sure you leave enough time for the customer to receive their order.

Not everyone is loved up, so don’t alienate your single customers!

It is becoming apparent that “Valentine’s Day is no longer just for romance” [Justuno, 2018]. More retailers are recognising that a solely Valentine’s Theme Campaign does not cater to all customers. Extend your reach to address all customers’ needs, whether it’s Gifts for Your Pets or a Pamper & Treat Yourself Gift. So think about how you can utilise this holiday to promote a wider range of products.

Key Stat: “According to Business Insider, over 9 million pet owners will buy gifts for their pets” [Web Interpret, 2018].

Email – Send With Love
Keep Valentine’s Day in your customers’ minds and raise awareness early, incorporate this at the end of your January Sale email and don’t forget to send an email launching your Gift Guide.


Design a re-engagement email campaign. Reignite that spark between you and your inactive customers [those who have not purchased from you in 6-12 months], let them know what they have been missing.

Key Stat: “It costs x5 times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one” [Chamaileon, 2018].


Design an email campaign targeting your VIP [Top 100 Customers], give them something extra special and make them feel loved.

Key Stat: “Emails with voucher codes boast 14% higher open rates, 34% higher click rates, and 48% higher revenues than emails without them” [Digital Doughnut, 2018]. So make your Email Subject Line count!

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