eCommerce Marketing – Let’s Get Ready for 2020!

In preparation for the New Year, set time aside with your team to analyse and review the past year, comparing YoY stats, Google Analytics and Marketing Channels across your top performing countries.

By reviewing your data, you can make informed decisions, establish your targets for the year and construct an Annual Marketing plan covering all of your digital marketing channels.

Think about the ‘Key Retail Dates’ throughout the year to create your marketing strategy such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to target the audience you desire. To make your life a little easier, Built For Growth Digital have listed them all out month-by-month so that you can start planning your promotional campaigns ahead of time.

Here is a snap shot of our calendar for January, if you would like to download our full calendar with Key Retail Dates and ecommerce hints and tips, please enter your details below.

January 2020


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