Digital marketing considerations during Covid-19

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic represents a huge challenge to our health and way of life, it also represents a very serious economic threat.  We are all collectively facing uncertain times ahead and we would like to help you to make some considerations into your digital marketing activity over the next few months.  Here are five important digital marketing considerations during COVID-19.

  1. When setting up promotions, we would recommend that you create custom product lists and landing pages with banners to give details about the promotion. Consider a Gift With Purchase (GWP), customers appreciate the added value or a nice addition to their order.  Showcase the products the GWP can be applied to, not the GWP itself.
  2. During economic downtimes the cashback and voucher channels are strong performers for Affiliate Marketing. You should consider the max % CPA for cashback.

  3. Do not panic discount, it’s a marathon not a sprint!  Customers will get tired of relentless discounting. BFG advise that you follow a tiered approach, like 15%/20%/25% that evolves over time.   Alternatively, consider totally different incentives such as free delivery and GWP/ Spend and Save

  4. Treat yourself: Consider the ‘treat yourself’ angle, treat yourself to something new or nice to cheer yourself up. Be respectful as you don’t want to alienate customers.  This is genuinely about well-being and getting ourselves through this difficult time.

  5. Above all show customers you are with them in this situation and don’t try to sell too hard. Ultimately you can’t make people buy products if they don’t want to or don’t have the financial means to do so.

Email Marketing

Above all digital marketing during COVID-19 not about pushing sales.  It’s about helping your customers through a difficult time.  Email marketing is an important channel to give customers valuable content.   Help your customers through adversity with something unique and helpful.  Teach them how to stay motivated during this difficult time perhaps.   In fashion spread content about loungewear and new trends.   In sport, perhaps talk about sporting icons, or amazing moments.   Staying connected with customers is a primary goal during this time.  Anything else will be secondary and an added bonus.

Remember the first consideration of your digital marketing strategy during COVID-19 should be compassion and understanding.  This is what we all need during difficult times and what your customers will value the most.

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