How to run a ‘Fang-tastic’ Halloween Marketing Campaign

I know what you’re probably thinking, how is it October already? Shocking!

But not as shocking as the sales potential for your company this Halloween – Discover how you can take advantage of Spooky Season and make this year’s Halloween Marketing campaign your most successful one yet.



Create a Terrifying Transformation – As desirable as it would be to alter your website design according to a specific holiday, the time and money required to do so would make it not worthwhile.

Instead, you could consider:

  • Updating your logo to fit the Halloween theme. But remember, not too frightening or you’ll risk scaring your customers away
  • Add a bone-chilling banner to your homepage – This is the first thing your audience will feast their eyes upon, so take advantage and use it to promote any of your Halloween offers or promotions.
  • Save yourself the time, money and effort of completely redesigning your store – instead, create a landing page which contains all Halloween related goods and holiday sale items.

 Halloween Website Banner


Spine-tingling SEO

As Halloween draws in closer, the number of related searches will begin to increase. Therefore, it’s important that you appear at the top.

Whether it’s by using selecting relevant keywords, creating startling page titles and headlines or using enticing snippets to boost visibility – make sure to prioritise SEO so it doesn’t come back to haunt you.


Make the most of customer’s BOOhaviour

Using Upsell and cross-sell strategies on products with higher demand will allow you to take advantage of your customers’ behaviour.

By offering more relevant products to your customers and selling them in a bundle at a price lower than what they would be individually, it will hopefully encourage your customers to purchase that bundle.


Scary Socials

User-generated content 

Calculating the time spent on social media by the average person would probably give you more of a fright than any ghost or ghoul at Halloween.

Make the most of the universal social media addiction – share user-generated content as part of your social media campaign to encourage your audience to get involved.

Why not consider:

  • Creating a Halloween themed challenge for your followers to participate in. This could be a photo competition where your followers have to submit their best photo – best costume, best decorated house, best Halloween bake, best pumpkin carvings etc.
  • Hosting a Halloweengiveaway – If you have a product-based business, create a product that can be promoted specifically during Halloween, with a spooky theme, eg. name or colour.

People love snapping and sharing pictures of anything and everything – so this is a great promotional tool for your products and business, as well as helping to increase your customer engagement level.

Halloween Photo Competition


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Hashtags of Horror 

Don’t underestimate hashtags and what they are capable of! Take time to think about relevant hashtags to include in your social posts that will boost your Halloween Marketing campaign.

Promotional Codes 

Create a unique discount code for your customers that is specific to your Halloween Marketing campaign and promote it on all of your social media channels.

For example: ‘Get 10% off your boo-licious basket when you enter the code BFGHALLOWEEN’ or ‘terrifying10’



Don’t let your customers forget about your campaign – continue to promote & remind them by Email Marketing.

Email marketing tops the chart in comparison to organic search, paid search, and social media when it comes to customers’ acquisition& retention. (Emarsys, 2018).


Halloween Email Marketing Example



When your promotion begins, send out an email to introduce your promotion, along with your Halloween specific code.

Throughout the period of your promotion, consider sending product recommendation emails to your customers as well as a countdown to when your promotion will end, to encourage immediate action.

To the cart abandoners: Remember to send out cart recovery emails and consider sending an additional discount alongside, to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Don’t leave it too late – Towards the end of your promotion, don’t forget to remind your customers of the limited time remaining for your promotion and try to create a sense of urgency to encourage prompt action – such as ‘QUICK – DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS HOLIDAY DEAL! Shop now to avoid disappointment.’






With Halloween creeping around the corner, it is important begin your planning now and develop a Halloween Marketing Campaign that will be nothing short of spell-binding. Make use of our top tips mentioned above and guarantee a successful spooky season for your business.


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