6 Key Differences Between Affiliate Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Let’s explore the two popular digital marketing phenomena that have taken the online world by storm. One of the top questions we get asked is “What is the difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing?” and so, if you’re considering using affiliate marketing to promote your business, it’s important to understand the key differences between them. While […]

Navigating eCommerce Returns: Trends and Insights for UK Businesses

As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, eCommerce returns have become an increasingly hot topic. For businesses in the UK, understanding the dynamics of returns is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction whilst protecting profitability. With Performance Marketing and sustainable eCommerce Growth at our core here at BFG Digital, we recognise the significance of staying ahead […]

Beyond Black Friday | The Case for a Month Long Shopping Celebration

Background In recent years, retailers have increasingly relied on the juggernaut that is Black Friday to drive sales and revenue. However, the traditional approach of concentrating all efforts on a single day might not be the most effective strategy. In this thought leadership piece, we explore the potential benefits of spreading promotions and offers throughout […]