5 Ways Affiliate Marketing can help grow your business…

Affiliate marketing is a form of performance-based marketing whereby brands can tap into an extensive range of bloggers, influencers and content creators (also known as ‘affiliates’ or ‘publishers’) in order to promote products and services. By incentivising individuals or organisations to promote their products or services, companies and brands can leverage the influence and trust that affiliates […]

Why Businesses Should Include TikTok In Their Marketing Strategy

We have all witnessed the massive growth of social media in the last decade, and we have all probably thought, “I wish I had jumped on that sooner.” Well, you may get that opportunity with TikTok! TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2020 beating even Facebook & Instagram. The mass popularity of TikTok is […]

Top 5 Ecommerce New Year Evolutions

Set yourself up for success in 2022. Plan your New Year Ecommerce Evolutions, not resolutions. The first quarter of any year is an opportunity to refocus and strategize. The pandemic has accelerated Ecommerce growth and there’s no going back. 86% of marketing leaders believe digital commerce will be the most important sales channel within the […]

Instagram’s new ‘Link’ sticker and it’s benefits for SME’s

Gone are the days of needing to be 10k rich in Instagram followers to be able to access their highly sought after ‘Swipe up’ feature, thanks to Instagram introducing a brand new inclusive feature that will allow ALL users to attach a link to their stories. Instagram Stories have been hugely successful in encouraging people […]

How to run a ‘Fang-tastic’ Halloween Marketing Campaign

I know what you’re probably thinking, how is it October already? Shocking! But not as shocking as the sales potential for your company this Halloween – Discover how you can take advantage of Spooky Season and make this year’s Halloween Marketing campaign your most successful one yet. Website Create a Terrifying Transformation – As desirable […]

Black Friday Ultimate Guide

NOVEMBER – the most anticipated month of the year for shoppers’ worldwide. Being the biggest retail sales day in the United States, Black Friday is now regarded as the official unofficial start of the holiday shopping season – Read our guide on how to tackle it head on. Having a profitable Black Friday is essential […]

How to Prepare for Q4 Success

September has almost passed: the leaves are changing colour, and the nights are getting longer. The change in season also signifies a shift in the retail landscape as many of us prepare for the busiest time of year. Q4 can be an overwhelming time for any retailer, no matter the size. Last year, brick and […]

The Power of Organic Social Media

We often hear the words ‘Social Media Marketing’ and immediately associate them with paid campaigns and advertising tools, but what if we told you that it’s not ALWAYS about the money! Prioritising Organic Social Media and utilising the variety of features on your non-paid channels can help to build a strong foundation for your business, it’s […]

How to Drive Sales in Lockdown this Mothers Day

Another year celebrating from afar…. No one would have expected in March 2021 we would still be looking into how we can celebrate occasions without visiting a restaurant, taking a trip, or mixing in another persons household but here we are. While socially this is disappointing, for eCommerce it spells great things for Mothers day […]

13 Simple eCommerce Promotions

2020 Increase in online purchasing The Coronavirus pandemic has encouraged new and established retailers across all industries to prioritise their online offering and eCommerce promotions. Overall web sales are up year on year across all industries, as shoppers continue the preference to purchase online rather than venture into stores. In fact in the United States, […]